Educational Tourism

Educational Tourism

Educational tourism is one of the fastest growing types of tourism in the world. Every year thousands of students visit colleges and universities in different countries for learning purposes. This generates a huge amount of revenue for the universities that they visit. Foreign Universities like Harvard, Stanford, Oxford etc. have thousands of students visiting their premises every year. As they have been able to establish themselves as global centers of excellence. The countries which have made a mark through the research they have carried out in the fields like technology, defense, medical healthcare etc. are often preferred destinations of learning for students.

Industrial visits

Students doing professional courses learn a lot from the industrial visits conducted by their colleges. Seeing the best in the business operate at work, can be extremely helpful for students to imbibe the work culture. This helps in generating revenue for that particular organisation that students are visiting. There are various places that can be of special importance to students of a particular subject. The amount of learning that a student of subject like history gets out of a visit to an archaeological site is huge.

Foreign students

There are several universities that have established themselves as global centers of excellence. Thousands of students apply for educational courses at these prestigious universities, in order to learn from the very best. Right from the application to the tuition fees, these institutions charge very significant amounts of money. This helps in collection of revenue to fund the research that their alumni are conducting. The tuition fee that foreign students have to pay at top universities in countries like France, Germany etc. is much higher in comparison to the fee paid by domestic students. The foreign students are allowed to work on some days of the week. This way they become an active part of the economy and contribute towards its growth.

Cultural exchange 

Thousands of students go to universities in other countries for cultural exchange programs. These visits are carried out in order to teach the students the value of inclusivity, diversity of thoughts and new skills. They get to experience an entirely new culture which contributes towards growth in their own personality. These exchange programs are generally carried out during vacation periods. The foreign students team up with domestic students to work on various projects of social importance as well. These visiting students become an active contributor towards the economy of the country that they visit.

Tourism industry can no longer afford to ignore the potential of educational tourism. Phenomenon of globalization has made education more global than ever before. The students want to learn in institutions that provide expertise in the area of their interest, regardless of their location. With the decreasing distance barriers, this form of tourism is bound to continue to grow at a fast pace in future.

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